Chennai Cycling is South India's biggest mass mobilizing cycling event. The aim of Chennai Cycling is to promote healthy living and cycling as a greener mode of transport. Chennai Cycling is part of our larger campaign of 'India Cycling' to promote cycling as a Sport and as a mode of transport.

The concept of Reaxion Cycling started 4 years ago. It started as a small group of 5 people has now grown to a group of over 4,000 cyclists. Reaxion Cycling events are held every month and has an average participation of about 200 cyclists. These events have served as a platform for people to rekindle their love for cycling. This has also led to an increase in sales of over 10 fold in the performance bicycle category.

The Iychettira Hockey Cup 2012 was the 16th edition of the Kodava Hockey Festival. The Kodava Hockey Festival was started with the objective of nurturing young talent, with the view of creating world class players who would do the Country proud at the International stage. IHC 2012 saw 217 teams and 3255 players participate in 23 days of action packed Hockey.

The Mongoose BMX Street Promo ‘12 was held in Express Avenue Mall, Chennai.Over 12,000 people witnessed The BMX Street Promo ’12 which was the first of its kind in India.The Street Promo featured Greg Illingworth and Paul Ryan two of the best International BMX Stunt riders from Team Mongoose.Based on the success of this event, we have conceptualized the ‘BMX Street Tour of India’, a multi-city tour to promote BMX as a sport and culture in India.

The Hercules Roadeo BMX Jam 2012 was a nation-wide search for India’s best BMX stunt riders.The aim of the BMX Jam 2012 was to promote BMX in India and to introduce the sport to the youth.The BMX Jam 2012 was held in Mumbai and Chandigarh with over 30 of the best BMX stunt riders in each city taking part.The BMX Jam comprised of two parts, the first part was a stunt showcase with all the riders performing stunts and interacting with other riders. The second part was the Best trick competition.

Reaxion City Challenge is Chennai’s very own Amazing Race, where cyclists in teams of 2, ride around the city solving clues and completing various tasks. This event tests your knowledge, strength and your endurance

The Asian Rugby 7s’ Olympic Pre-Qualifiers for men and women was held in March 2015 at the Nehru Stadium in Chennai. The winner of the tournament qualified for the final round of Asian qualifiers for the Rio 2016 Olympics.



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